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Phentermine 30mg is a drug used by overweight or obese people who want to drop some pounds. Also known by its trade names, Obenix or Adipex-P, Phentermine 30mg falls under a set of drugs referred to as anorectics. It is help to reduce appetite by altering the amount of serotonin present in the brain; it activates the action of the brain in a similar fashion to drugs like amphetamines.

Phentermine 30mg can be accessed as Phentermine 37.5 and 30 mg tablets. Normally, this drug is meant to be used for short-term needs. Usually, the efficiency of this drug is enhanced when it is used in conjunction with a proper diet and habit.

Phentermine 30mg is available only to those with a valid prescription from their health care providers only. It is regarded as a regulated substance because it contains properties similar to those of amphetamines. It can be bought over the internet as a refill via a leading insurance service provider that offers prescription cover for mail orders.

This drug should only be taken in the morning because it can cause insomnia if used in the evening particularly following supper.

Use of Phentermine 30mg can result in an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Make sure that you exercise caution when under this medication. Inform your health care provider in case you continue to experience an increased heart rate for sometime after using the drug.

Patients who have experienced addictions to any medications or psychotic disorders should avoid using Phentermine 30mg. In addition, those suffering from high blood pressure should never use Phentermine 30mg.
Drug interactions with Phentermine 30mg are possible. For this reason, make sure that you inform your doctor before you start taking Phentermine 30mg.

Because the effects of Phentermine 30mg usage on pregnant women are not yet clear, pregnant mothers cannot use this medication.

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Phentermine 30mg can cause dependency and therefore, it is meant for short term use only.